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Although we thoroughly enjoy hosting such incredible events for the Bay of Plenty region we also take into consideration the importance of waste that can be generated throughout the day – therefore we have partnered up with a local waste company that also have the passion for minimizing waste and leading to landfill. This is their story.. Waste Wizards have been helping events minimise waste in the Bay of Plenty for three years now and have achieved significant diversion rates for our clients. If given enough time before your event, we can create a waste minimisation plan to target and mitigate waste types that can be avoided. Waste Wizards want to help you reduce and reuse before we get to recycling while working with locals to create life cycles for products instead of allowing the linear life status quo were something is created for a short useful life before it is sent to landfill, never to be utilised again as a resource. If you require more information or you would simply like to check out our pages, please click on the links below.

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